Cupertino Releases Lehigh Noise Study Results

Results of a 25-day noise monitoring study of the Lehigh Cement facility were shared during a Jan. 24 Cupertino, Calif., city council meeting, reported The Mercury News. City staff presented the council with findings from the study that was done continuously from Oct. 3-28, 2016, at two residential locations near the facility.

Only the first day the study was conducted produced any possible evidence of a noise violation from the plant, according to city staff.

The results did not sway many residents in attendance at the meeting, many of whom said more needs to be done to curtail noise. Residents living near the facility and several miles away complain that the noise is disrupting their sleep and their well-being.

After much discussion about possible avenues the council could explore to press the county and the cement facility to address the noise issue, the council eventually decided to have Mayor Savita Vaidhyanathan send a letter to the county board of supervisors asking that more effort be placed on diminishing or eliminating the noise.

The cement facility is under the jurisdiction of Santa Clara County as it is located outside Cupertino’s city limits.

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