New ASTM C01 Group to Create Standards for Non-Hydraulic Cement

ASTM International announced a new technical subcommittee of the organization’s Committee on Cement (C01) focused on exploring non-hydraulic alternatives to portland cement. The group will hold its inaugural gathering on June 15 in Toronto amid ASTM International’s Committee Week meetings.

C01 launched Subcommittee C01.14 to develop standards for non-hydraulic cements because of a growing interest by design, engineering and construction professionals. Committee members invite cement and concrete producers, contractors and other parties with an interest in non-hydraulic cements to join the new subcommittee.  

ASTM committees are made up of over 32,000 volunteers and include manufacturers and consumers, as well as other interest groups such as government or academia. Any interested individual can participate on a technical committee through ASTM membership.

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