Hydraulic Gantries

Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit and permanent overhead structures are not an option.

Enerpac offers three series of hydraulic gantry systems:

  • Super Lift (SL) series: Cost-effective models that offers control and stability.
  • Super Boom Lift (SBL) series: Heavy-duty hydraulic boom gantry models, up to 1,200-ton capacity.
  • Mega Boom Lift (MBL) series: Hydraulic boom gantry models, which deliver the stability to utilize a 2-leg configuration and can achieve lifting heights over 40 ft.

Enerpac hydraulic gantries have a number of unique features to ensure optimum stability and safety including self-contained hydraulics and electronics, an Intelli-Lift wireless control system, self-propelled wheels or tank rollers, and a foldable boom on the SBL1100, MBL500 and MBL600 models. Additionally, all Enerpac gantries are designed and tested to meet or exceed ASME B30.1-2009.

Enerpac, www.enerpac.com


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