Ovality Sensor

TomTom-Tools, a Swiss-based company that provides state-of-the-art measurement tools for the cement industry, is employing Exergen Global’s micro IRt/c-K as part of a customized solution to help cement manufacturers maintain ideal operating temperatures and increase production.

Rotary kilns must maintain a very specific temperature range to prevent damage to the refractory stones inside the kiln and to ensure optimal cement mixing temperature. TomTom selected Exergen’s micro IRt/c-K because the non-contact sensor employs Exergen’s patented heat-balance technique to provide the industry’s most accurate and reliable non-invasive temperature measurement, noted the company.

Company engineers integrated the micro IRt/c-K into the Ovality Sensor, a one-of-a-kind tool that is fixed to the exterior of the kiln to help extend refractory life by measuring stress in the kiln shell during operation. From outside the kiln, Exergen’s sensor employs the heat balance technique to accurately detect the kiln’s interior temperature, and both the Ovality and Exergen sensors send measurements to a personal computer using a Bluetooth connection.

The Exergen solution employs a PID controller to continuously calculate the difference between the desired and measured interior temperature and takes corrective action to maintain the optimal setting. “We were facing a tremendous technological challenge. But the use of the Exergen’s infrared sensor dramatically helped to reduce refractory stone damage and significantly diminished replacement and maintenance costs. At the same time, we were able to increase production time,” said Thomas Rheinegger, CEO of TomTom-Tools.

TomTom-Tools, tomtomtools.com

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