Cemex Publishes First Integrated Report

Cemex published its first Integrated Report, “Integrated Strategy for a Better Future,” with information covering 2016. The report was designed to provide a holistic analysis of the company’s strategic vision, performance, governance and value creation.

The 2016 Integrated Report facilitates a greater understanding of the relationship between Cemex’s financial and non-financial key performance indicators, as well as the company’s operating and governance models. The in-depth report showcases the way in which Cemex drives value creation across all aspects of its business, underpinned by its four strategic pillars – people, customers, markets and sustainability.

“As a unified global team, we share a common vision to build a better future for all our stakeholders,” said Cemex CEO Fernando A. Gonzalez. “With this report, we hope to provide deeper insight into the way we stay true to that vision and create value in a rapidly changing business environment.”

The report highlights Cemex’s positive progress on its strategic priorities and its strong financial results during the year, despite strong headwinds. It also includes the company’s efforts to provide a high-performance, rewarding – and above all – safe workplace environment; the launch of Superior Customer Experience and digital transformation strategy; the continued empowerment of Cemex’s communities through its high-impact social strategy; and the continued effort to reduce its environmental footprint, among other relevant topics.

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