Lafarge Canada Gets Greenlight for Alternative Fuel Project

Nova Scotia announced that it will pay Lafarge Canada about $105 per metric ton – up to $2,100 daily – in a one-year pilot project that will allow the company to burn scrap tires as a low-carbon fuel at its Brookfield plant, according to

Iain Rankin, Nova Scotia environment minister, said he looked at the science and evidence before approving Lafarge’s application. “This is a practice that’s used in many jurisdictions so the intent behind this pilot project is to ensure that it works as it does all over the world,” Rankin said.

The province said there will be terms and conditions in place for the pilot project to reduce environmental impacts and protect public health.

In addition to limiting Lafarge to burning no more than 20 metric tons per day, or 15 percent of the total daily input, a community liaison committee will be formed to keep residents informed of the project’s status and address their questions. There will also be a complaints resolution plan developed.

“The cement we make at the Brookfield plant has built this province for the past 50 years. We want to ensure it will be around for 50 years to come. Projects like this one are essential to achieving this goal,” said Karine Cousineau, manager of communications and public affairs for Lafarge Canada.

Next, the company will need to get industrial approval. The plant needs to submit a number of plans to the government. Some of which include how tires will be stored, waste management, and an emergency response plan if there is a malfunction of the kiln.

At this time, there’s no date for when the cement plant will begin burning tires.

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