Slag Cement Association Launches New Website

The Slag Cement Association (SCA) announced the launch of – its new, mobile-friendly website featuring slag cement-related tools, resources and downloadable materials.

With the versatile capabilities of slag cement, the new website helps the construction industry understand the many different applications and benefits to the use of slag cement. The website’s archive of diverse and visually appealing case studies and downloadable information sheets provide the evidence needed for professionals to introduce slag cement to new projects. Additionally, the site features an easy-to-use new tool that allows users to locate slag cement by state.

“While the new site is easier to use, and contains a wealth of technical resources and case studies, I am most excited about the new slag cement locator. This new locator tool readily connects concrete and design professionals with available slag cement supply across the United States,” said Ed Griffith, president of SCA.

New website features include:

  • Case Study Gallery – The website features a gallery of award-winning projects utilizing slag cement. Project categories include airports, bridges, stadiums, highways, soil stabilization, residential, hospitals, and buildings. This is a great tool for professionals seeking actual examples of slag cement use and its benefits in concrete design.
  • Slag Cement Locator – The new slag cement locator tool allows users to quickly and easily find slag cement suppliers by state. Slag cement is available throughout the U.S. through SCA member companies.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Calculator – The recently released LCA Calculator is used to quantify and interpret cradle-to-gate LCA environmental impacts of ready-mixed concrete mixtures with and without slag cement. The tool, available for free download on the SCA website, also allows users to evaluate how different concrete mixtures affect whole building impacts based on a typical case study building.

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