Beumer Introduces New Stretch Film Hood

Beumer Group launched an easy-opening stretch film hood that can optimize unpacking operations and eliminate the need for cutting tools. The product allows retail store and logistic center employees to quickly and easily remove the film when unpacking or repacking goods.

Working with a well-known film supplier, Beumer developed technology that allows opening of the stretch film along a precise tear line in the center without affecting the safety function of the stretch hood.

The film is used in conjunction with Beumer’s Stretch Hood A technology, which provides secure, five-sided protection of palletized products and offers approximately 10 times more throughput than stretch wrapping, noted the company. Used in various industries, the stretch hood system has proven especially reliable in the chemical and building materials industry as an alternative to the traditional thermal shrink film or stretch wrapping packaging methods.

Previously, there has not been a packaging system for pallets on the market that did not require the operator to open the film with a cutting tool, which increases the risk of employee accidents and for damaging the product. The easy-opening hood makes it easier and safer for employees, and saves time.

Beumer Group,

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