Cemex Donates $1M to Earthquake Relief in Mexico

Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V. announced that it would provide $1 million in building materials for reconstruction efforts in states affected by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that was registered off the southern coast of Mexico on Sept. 7. The company has an operational and commercial presence in the affected states.

“It is once again time for us to show our solidarity with the people of Mexico. Faced with this natural tragedy, we embrace our responsibility to support our fellow citizens,” said Fernando A. Gonzalez, CEO of Cemex. “We can all join in this great effort to overcome adversity.”

In addition, Cemex has initiated the following humanitarian initiatives:

• Supply of basic goods in the affected communities, including food, cleaning, and hygienic items.
• Establishment of a fund to receive voluntary donations from Cemex’s personnel worldwide.
• Activation of a Cemex volunteer program to aid the affected states.
• Vehicle mobilization to support the transportation of people and heavy machinery for debris removal.
• Expansion of social self-construction programs focused on providing dignified housing to low-income families.
• Provision of certain commercial benefits to support those affected by this natural tragedy.

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