Canadian Cement Industry Applauds OBA System

The Cement Association of Canada announced approval of Alberta’s release of its overarching policy framework for the Output-based Allocation (OBA) System.

The introduction of an OBA System in January 2018 will transition Alberta’s regulated facilities from the current Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER). The OBA will set an industry specific performance benchmark for emissions-intensive, trade-exposed industries (EITEs), which includes the province’s two cement plants – Lafarge in Exshaw and Lehigh in Edmonton. The benchmark combined with output-based allocations will drive best-in-class performance while maintaining the competitiveness of industries in Alberta.

“The cement industry applauds the Alberta government for their 18-month collaborative consultation process as part of the Output-based Allocation System Engagement, and we are happy to have been a convener for several of these sessions,” said Michael McSweeney, president and CEO of the Cement Association of Canada. “From the cement industry’s perspective, today’s framework demonstrates that the Alberta government understands the pressures EITE industries face to remain competitive in the global market. Climate change is the single most important issue facing our society today and Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan lays the foundation for industries to play a major role in assisting government in meeting its 2030 targets and transitioning to a low carbon economy. The cement industry in Alberta is a leader in innovation, and we look forward to engaging the province in keeping our industry competitive while fostering further innovation to lower our environmental footprint.”

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan outlines areas where the province will take meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including new technologies and innovation for the built environment, with a focus on energy efficient buildings, infrastructure upgrades and diverting more waste from landfills and industry. According to the Cement Association of Canada, the cement industry will continue to be a vocal advocate for the introduction of robust GHG reduction policies that protect EITE industries from carbon leakage and ensure that the Alberta cement industry can remain competitive in a carbon constrained economy. Made-in-Alberta cement will also help towards building sustainable, long-lasting and climate-resilient solutions to our infrastructure needs.

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