Slag Cement Association Hosted Training Session at WOC

The Slag Cement Association (SCA) hosted an Industry Training Session titled “Slag Cement in Mix Designs: Improving Workabilty, Durability, & Performance” at World of Concrete on January 24 in Las Vegas.

The presentation provided an informative look at how slag cement impacts the durability, strength, and consistent performance of concrete in commercial, infrastructure and high-performance projects. Discussions highlighted award-winning case study examples on specific topics like:

  • Impacting strength and durability.
  • Mass concrete.
  • High performance concrete.
  • Sustainability.
  • Finishing practice.
  • Industry codes and standards on slag cement plus association tools and resources available.

Attendees received a copy of the Slag Cement Industry Manual, which includes more than 25 technical information sheets, 15-plus case study projects, and additional resources for industry professionals. 

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