Particulate Monitor

BinMaster brings a sense of simplicity to customers seeking basic operation and single-point particulate monitoring with the new DD-3000 Dust Alert sensor.

RPJuly binmasterThe dust sensor is ideal for baghouse leak detection when installed in stacks, ducts or pipes. This compact sensor is designed to save time by eliminating the need for manual inspections, reduce maintenance, and prevent emissions and downtime.

The DD-3000 with integrated electronics and sensing probe utilizes highly reliable inductive electrification technology to detect – and alert – when particulate emissions exceed a preset point. As particles flow past and over the sensing probe, they induce a charge into the probe that creates small electrical currents. This extremely sensitive method minimizes the influence of sensor contamination, particulate velocity change, or temperature drift.

With its single-piece design, the DD-3000 is easy to install and configure with no special alignment or structural supports needed. Sensor models are available with either an alarm relay – generally used to alert to a need for maintenance – or a 4-20 mA transmitter output option used for monitoring trends and compliance.

The proactive DD-3000 Dust Alert sensor is applicable in a wide range of applications including cement and mining.


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