Cemex Go Celebrates First Year with 20K Users

Cemex announced that its digital platform Cemex Go is celebrating its first anniversary, having transformed the experience of more than 20,000 customers in 18 countries, and leading the digital transformation in the global building materials industry.

The 20,000 customers represent approximately 60 percent of Cemex’s total recurring customers worldwide. Currently, those customers are placing around a third of their orders – or about 20 percent of Cemex’s global sales – through the platform.

The digital platform not only enables Cemex to serve customers better, but it also translates into important efficiencies. In addition, it’s expected that Cemex Go will generate data-rich analytics to better anticipate customers’ needs and focus on the most valuable solutions to them.

“Cemex Go continues to set the standard for delivering a superior customer experience in the building materials industry. We are very proud to have reached the milestone of more than 20,000 satisfied customers using Cemex Go one year after its launch,” said Fernando A. González, chief executive officer of Cemex. “Due to the success of Cemex Go during its first year, we can create more value to our company by offering the innovative digital commerce platform to other industry participants around the world.” 

Starting this month, NEORIS is commercializing the platform to heavy building material companies across the globe in partnership with IBM. This builds upon NEORIS and IBM’s extensive experience helping Cemex transform its digital talent, processes, and technology, scaling the platform across a diverse range of countries and products. By collaborating in the venture, NEORIS and IBM will leverage world-class open source capabilities in the cloud to accelerate the global commercialization, implementation, and ongoing evolution of the platform.

Cemex Go offers a fully digital suite of services that enables customers to get more done in less time by simplifying and streamlining their transactions and interactions with Cemex, reducing customers’ administrative burden, and giving them more time to focus on more strategic business matters. Through this integrated platform, customers can interact with Cemex anytime and anywhere using multiple devices.

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