GCCA Calls for Modernizing Construction Industry

Speaking at the annual World Built Environment Forum Summit, Dr. Andrew Minson, director of concrete and sustainable construction at the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), called on the importance of concrete and modernizing the construction industry. He set out the industry’s role in responding to the mega global trends of accelerating population growth, rapid urbanization and climate change.

“Whilst we recognize the enormous challenges, the cement and concrete sector has a key role in helping to future proof the urban and natural environment against resource scarcity and climate change,” said Dr. Minson. “Concrete has innate benefits including strength and durability which the world of the future will need. It is uniquely placed to help the world transition to clean energy, for example.”

Dr. Minson added: “Building for the future requires a modern construction industry. We are working hard on continuing to improve our sustainability, and there is a lot of innovation and collaboration underway across the sector. Working right across the built environment, we can improve material efficiency, design and the re-use of buildings, as well ensuring recycling best practices are taken up across the world – indeed, improving all facets of the circular economy.”

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