La Cruz Azul Invests in Innovative Loesche Technology


Cooperativa La Cruz Azul continues to invest in Loesche’s innovative technology after a successfully commissioned grinding plant in Tepezalá, Mexico, in 2018. The company announced installation plans for two Loesche coal grinding plants for petroleum coke grinding in Lagunas and Hidalgo.


A similar LOESCHE mill type LM 43.4 D in Kotputli, India.

In 2016, Loesche supplied the cement plant of Cementos y Concretos Nacionales (CYCNA), part of La Cruz Azul, with a complete cement grinding plant comprising a Loesche mill type LM 46.2+2 CS, which was commissioned in August 2018. The mill’s operating results have been exceptional with the guaranteed grinding capacity of 110 tph for the cement location’s CPC 40 exceeding to 140 tph.

Both Loesche and CYCNA, were very pleased with the excellent collaboration as part of the project management in Tepezalá.

In 2018, Loesche sold two coal grinding plants of type LM 41.4 D, one of the largest coal mill types for grinding petcoke, to La Cruz Azul group. These coal mills are to be used in two more of the client’s plants: in the Hidalgo province 80 km north of Mexico City, and in the Lagunas plant in the Oaxaca province in southern Mexico. La Cruz Azul is establishing a new cement production line in each of the plants.

In the future at the Hidalgo plant, which has a production capacity of 3 million tpy of cement, both the new line and the existing kiln lines will be supplied with ground petcoke from the Loesche mill.

In addition to the mill with a capacity of 50 to 65 tph, the company will also supply process gas filters, mill fans, inertisation units, explosion flaps, cyclone separators, conveyor augers, and drag chain conveyors, as well as the complete electrotechnical equipment. The scope of supply also includes the complete detail engineering for the steel and concrete construction.

The Hidalgo plant is located 2,300 meters above sea level in the mountains of Mexico. This altitude was taken into account when sizing and selecting the aggregates to be supplied, especially when selecting the motors and electrical system.

The equipment has already been fully dispatched. Installation is planned to start in December 2019 in Hidalgo. Installation of the grinding plant in Lagunas was set for July 2019. The client is now relying on Loesche technology and good cooperation across a total of three plants.

Loesche places emphasis on the active personal engagement of the employees of La Cruz Azul. The good cooperation between the client and Loesche, as well as the strategic alignment with growth, innovation and progress, has laid the foundation for the La Cruz Azul group to remain a leading cement manufacturer in Mexico in the future.


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