North America, Western Europe Lead White Cement Trade

In 2019, Western Europe remained the major white cement exporting region, while North America remained the largest import destination, according to CW Research’s latest “Global White Cement Market and Trade Report.” Western European intra-regional trade accounted for 74% of regional exports, while a much smaller percentage was shipped to North America.

“Driven by the correlation between higher economic growth and white cement demand, North America and the Middle East unsurprisingly remained the premier destinations for imports of white cement, heavily linked with structural applications including precast,” said Carolina Pereira, business analyst at CW Group.

The United States is estimated to have imported over a million tons of white cement in 2019. A significant share of the U.S. imports is accounted for by supplies from its neighbors, Canada and Mexico, with the remainder coming from a selective set of countries including Denmark and Turkey.

The majority of white cement is traded by sea, with large consumers of white cement at a regional level consisting mostly of mature markets, including North America and Western Europe. Since current macroeconomic challenges have yet to dissipate, the major trading markets, as advanced economies, have been more able to adjust to evolving demand and pricing scenarios.

The “Global White Cement Market and Trade Report – 2020 Update” can be purchased at CW Group’s website,

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