GCP Applied Technologies Launches Business Intelligence Platform

CA012820 GCPDash

GCP Applied Technologies, a leading global provider of construction products technologies, introduced a new smart digital solution that optimizes product selection for cement producers, resulting in operational savings, faster ROI and more sustainable cement production.

CA012820 GCPDashThe one-of-a kind product selection portal will now be used by GCP’s field staff to provide faster more accurate product recommendations to cement producers and better predict the benefits they will gain from each product. Built on GCP’s world-class expertise in cement additives formulation and application, this smart digital solution uses a proprietary algorithm to identify the right cement additives to meet specific client needs, in real-time.

GCP continues to stay focused on optimizing internal capabilities with data, analytics and automation to provide increased value to customers. The new product selection portal provides numerous benefits to cement producers, including reduced time, resources and operating costs invested in the process resulting from the accelerated and more accurate qualification of customer needs. The portal also helps increase fuel and energy savings, as well as allows for an improved cement sustainability footprint and increased project ROI.

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