USGS Releases Preliminary Cement Production Volume

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released its 2020 Mineral Commodity Summaries publication, in which it gives its first, preliminary look at 2019 U.S. cement production. According to the publication, total portland cement production was approximately 86 million metric tons (Mt), an increase of 2.5% over 2018, while masonry cement production continued to remain steady at 2.4 Mt.

Cement was produced at 96 plants in 34 states, and at two plants in Puerto Rico.

U.S. cement production continued to be limited by closed or idle plants, underutilized capacity at others, production disruptions from plant upgrades, and relatively inexpensive imports. In 2019, sales of cement increased slightly and were valued at $12.5 billion.

Most cement sales were to make concrete, worth at least $65 billion. In 2019, it was estimated that 70% to 75% of sales were to ready-mixed concrete producers, 10% to concrete product manufactures, 8% to 10% to contractors, and 5% to 12% to other customer types. Texas, California, Missouri, Florida, Alabama, Michigan and Pennsylvania were, in descending order of production, the seven leading cement-producing states and accounted for nearly 60% of U.S. production.

Construction spending decreased in 2019, owing to a decline in private residential and nonresidential spending. However, cement shipments into North Carolina and South Carolina increased owing to reconstruction following Hurricane Florence in 2018. The leading cement-consuming states in 2019 were Texas, California and Florida, in descending order by tonnage.

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