BinMaster Offers Dust-Alert Sensor

BinMaster brings a sense of simplicity to single-point particulate monitoring with the DD-3000 Dust Alert Sensor. The DD-3000 installs in stacks, ducts or pipes. This single-piece, compact sensor with integrated electronics and sensing probe detects – and alerts – when particulate emissions exceed a preset point.

  • Improve productivity: Automatic alerts save time on manual inspections.
  • Enhance process control: Turn off a process immediately when dust levels exceed standards.
  • Reduce maintenance: Early warning of leak detection prevents unscheduled shutdowns.
  • Save money: Extend filter life by replacing when worn versus on a time schedule.

The DD-3000 is easy to install and configure. Sensor models come with either an alarm relay – used to alert to a need for maintenance – or a 4-20 mA transmitter output option for monitoring trends and compliance.


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