FLSmidth to Offer Continuous, Remote Kiln Monitoring

FLSmidth is launching a 24/7 online condition monitoring kiln service, offering plant managers the live insights they need to optimize performance and be proactive with kiln maintenance.

The new service enables producers to use existing and additional sensors to gather data from critical equipment on a continuous basis. This data is sent to FLSmidth’s Global Remote Service Center where it is analyzed for early signs of failure. In real time, recommendations and reports informing of any maintenance issues that need addressing are sent to the customer.

“Digitalization enables us to help customers develop a data-led proactive maintenance approach, guided by our network of experts,” explained Mireia Fontarnau Vilaró, head of service commercial, FLSmidth. “With this service agreement, we are able to collect and analyze data that would not be normally available, giving our customers the opportunity to really get on top of maintenance, improve the life of kiln components and improve their overall reliability.”

The service agreement is available in two packages, based on the customer’s monitoring requirements. With 24/7 monitoring, analysis and diagnosis, plants can expect to:

  • Increase availability and reliability and eliminate unplanned downtime.
  • Gain a greater understanding of conditions in the kiln.
  • Get ahead on maintenance tasks and reduce OPEX.

“Better maintenance program execution gives you better performance,” said Jacob Ryttergaard, head of product line pyro, FLSmidth. “It’s not just about reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability. You are also improving efficiency and increasing the sustainability of your operation.”

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