Argos Debuts Green Solutions Portfolio

As part of its commitment to creating value and taking specific actions toward climate change management and sustainable construction, Argos has introduced Green Solutions, conscious innovation. 

The new portfolio provides construction professionals with resources, products and services that contribute to developing projects that are more respectful to the environment. It will initially be available in Colombia, and then will gradually be introduced in other Argos markets.

“At Argos, we are aware of the great importance of managing climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy, and we understand that to achieve this goal, we must work together,” said Juan Esteban Calle, Argos chief executive officer. “That is why we are providing the Green Solutions portfolio to our clients, a set of products and solutions aimed at strengthening our value chain and mitigating the impact of our operation from the production process to the final disposal of our products. We are convinced that Green Solutions will allow us to continue positioning ourselves as a strategic ally for the design and construction of projects with sustainable characteristics.”

Green Solutions portfolio includes:

  • Low carbon products. These include green cement for general use that generates 35% less CO2 emissions than traditional portland cement, and concrete mixtures that meet CO2 reduction criteria of more than 30% compared to mixtures of similar technical specifications.
  • Products that promote adaptation and circular economy. These include products that use materials from other industries in the production process, or those that during use and application contribute to a longer life of the works thanks to durability and strength, which in the long term reduce consumption of non-renewable resources. 
  • Products that contribute to well-being and comfort. These include materials that, due to their architectural and color characteristics, reduce effects like urban heat island.

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