Phoenix Cement Partners on Fly Ash Project

Phoenix Cement, a Salt River Materials Group (SRMG) company, and Needham, Mass.-based ST Equipment & Technology (STET) are collaborating on a new fly ash beneficiation project. 

In 2020, SRMG was awarded a fly ash contract with a Utah power plant. The company is currently constructing a fly ash beneficiation facility at the plant utilizing the patented STET fly ash separation system. STET is supplying the separation equipment, engineering and commissioning services, and an exclusive technology operating license for SRMG. STET and SRMG are targeting operations to begin midyear.

The fly ash separator is STET’s first in the western U.S., and will be the 26th commercial-scale separator installed worldwide by the company.

“SRMG and STET have been working closely to develop a commercially effective beneficiation process improving the quality of the fly ash,” said Dale Diulus, SRMG senior vice president, Pozzolan Business Unit. “We look forward to many years of fly ash sales into the southwestern U.S. markets.”

STET President Tom Cerullo added, “SRMG and STET are respected leaders in the fly ash and construction materials fields, and it is a good fit for our two companies to be collaborating on this project. We are excited to be working with Salt River to complete another successful fly ash project.”

The STET technology is the most widely implemented fly ash loss on ignition (LOI) reduction technology in the world. LOI testing is a generally accepted method for estimating the unburned carbon content of fly ash. 

STET is a subsidiary of Titan America.

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