Colacem Receives Approval for Ontario Plant

The Ontario Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) has issued a decision in favor of Colacem to build a cement plant near L’Orignal on County Road 17 – adjacent to the company’s limestone quarry, reported The Review.

On April 12, LPAT Member Nicholas Robinson, who had presided over hearings that took place late last year, issued two orders. One dismissed citizens group Action Champlain’s appeal of the Official Plan Amendment and upheld its approval by the United Counties of Prescott and Russell council. The second order upheld Colacem’s appeal of the Zoning By-law Amendment approved by Champlain Township council and amends it to permit cement plant use on the property.

The tribunal found Colacem presented “extremely persuasive” evidence relating to the employment benefits the cement plant will have, and that the planning applications meet the requirement to promote economic development and competitiveness.

Regarding concerns over adverse effects such as noise and air pollution, the decision report highlights that expert studies demonstrated adverse effects can be mitigated or minimized so the plant can operate in compliance with provincial requirements using design measures, separation distances, and buffering.

Colacem had also proposed adjusting the location of the cement plant by 50 meters and to change the location of an electrical substation, which increased the setback distances.

“The evidence before the tribunal supports the conclusion that adverse effects have been avoided insofar as water, noise, and traffic are concerned,” stated the LPAT decision report.

The proposed Colacem plant will have the capacity to produce 3,000 metric tons of clinker per day, with an estimated annual production of 1.16 million metric tons of cement.

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