Dürr Offers Air Pollution Control

Dürr Systems’ Ecopure RTO air pollution control systems are based on a highly efficient thermal process, which is used to purify exhaust air containing solvents and unpleasant odors.

The Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer systems can achieve a purification level of more than 99.8%, according to the manufacturer. The key features are high thermal efficiency, low-maintenance design, and low operating expenditure.

Ecopure RTO systems use less primary energy than conventional air pollution control systems, because they have a regenerative heat exchanger consisting of a ceramic thermal accumulator. A highly efficient process uses the energy in the hot exhaust gases to pre-heat the air that is being treated.

A corrosion-resistant version of the system is available for when acids or alkalis are found in the process flow. Furthermore, the Ecopure RTO can be combined with a catalyst for use as a regenerative catalytic oxidizer (Ecopure RCO).

Recently, a cement producer in Switzerland combined the Ecopure RTO multiple-chamber principle with an optimization of its existing process technology in the calciner to help comply with much lower clean gas values in the future.

Instead of combining selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and making compromises to the RTO, the solution is based on the interaction of two separate process steps: on the one hand, the existing plant is optimized with regard to reducing NOx and, on the other hand, the carbon monoxide and VOC emissions are reliably removed in a specially designed Ecopure RTO. Separating the processes reduces complications developed from combining the steps, which increases functional reliability.

Dürr Systems, www.durr.com

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