Cementos Argos Selects Klaveness for Supply Chain Digitalization

Following a successful pilot project, Argos has entered a contract with Klaveness Digital to roll out its shipping and logistics platform CargoValue to 13 of Argos’ terminals. The move solidifies the cement company’s digitalization agenda to preserve its strong market foothold in the Americas.

“Our business model is focused on the customer and on creating added value for our stakeholders. CargoValue has enabled us to digitalize existing processes to improve visibility and make better decisions throughout the supply chain towards that goal,” said Gabriel Ballestas, senior director of trading & business intelligence at Argos. “This wider rollout will improve collaboration between stakeholders and allow us to identify and improve supply chain efficiencies between sites.”

Jon Folkedal, head of customer success at Klaveness Digital, said, “We truly appreciate Argos’ continued support of CargoValue. It will be exciting to see the entire Americas maritime supply chain come to life in the platform as we join forces with the various domestic teams to identify even more opportunities for supply chain savings through visibility and collaboration.”

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