Lafarge Canada, Cematrix Renew Cement Supply Deal

Lafarge Canada and cellular concrete manufacturer Cematrix extended their joint marketing and cement supply agreements for another five years.

“Lafarge and Cematrix have worked together seamlessly throughout Canada,” said Cory Cannon, Lafarge vice president of sales and logistics, Western Canada. “The extension of these agreements is a natural result of the joint successes we have experienced on numerous projects with the full expectation that this relationship will only continue to grow into the future.”

The agreements support the joint development of the Canadian cellular concrete market with the ongoing objective of increasing cellular concrete sales to the mutual benefit of both parties.

“Cematrix and Lafarge plan to continue to expand on [previous] successes by committing sufficient resources to furthering cellular concrete markets and cement sales throughout Canada,” said Cematrix President and CEO Jeff Kendrick.

“Both parties are also exploring the potential for joint research projects and the continued testing of alternative materials for the mutual benefit of our companies and the benefit of our environment. This is consistent with the commitment of both parties to be net zero in C02 emissions by 2030,” he concluded.

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