GCC to Convert Trident Plant to PLC

As part of its commitment to net zero carbon emissions, GCC will fully convert the Trident Plant near Three Forks, Mont., to portland limestone cement (PLC) early next year.

“We believe that our industry must continue to provide the homes, roads and infrastructure that shape our world while, simultaneously, addressing the challenge of climate change,” said Ron Henley, president of GCC’s U.S. division. “PLC is one piece of the puzzle to reduce greenhouse gases. Concrete made with PLC is a resilient material that easily meets the needs of our customers for generations to come.”

Trident, which has been in operation for more than 110 years, produces up to 350,000 tons of cement per year that is used throughout the U.S. and Canada. GCC estimates that by switching to PLC, the plant’s production will reduce CO2 by almost 25,000 tons each year – the equivalent of removing 4,500 cars from the road or adding 26,000 acres of forest.

Earlier this year, GCC signed the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s net zero pledge of producing carbon neutral concrete by 2050. “PLC will help us, and our customers, reach that goal,” Henley said.

GCC plans to expand production of PLC to more of its U.S. plants in the near future.

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