Argos Introduces Bulk Cement Simulator

During the eighth annual Simulation Conference, Cementos Argos shared its simulation model for the optimized supply of bulk cement that it has been developing for its terminals in the Caribbean region.

Simulation is a key tool to avoid delays in the rotation of resources and to optimize the capacity of the ships and other methods of operation that allow the efficient delivery of cement inventory in some markets where the company operates.

“The simulator facilitates the decision-making process when delivering our material, since it allows us to evaluate different scenarios in advance to define the best alternative for loading the shipments. This way, time and costs are reduced, and our supply chain is optimized,” said Alfonso Andrés Ibarra, Argos’ international commercial advisor.

Argos said the simulator is already active and functioning properly in six of Argos’ operations. The company wants to implement the simulation software in other markets that are supplied from its terminal in Cartagena, Colombia.

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