CarbonBuilt Joins WCA

The World Cement Association (WCA) has further expanded its international network of members by welcoming CarbonBuilt as an associate corporate member. 

The U.S.-based company is known for its Reversa technology, which directly embeds CO2 from industrial and direct air capture sources into proprietary low-cost and low-carbon concrete formulations. This reduces overall CO2 emissions by more than 60%, noted WCA, while delivering products that meet existing industry specifications and drive greater profit for concrete producers.

“Reducing the environmental impact of cement and concrete is one of the most important challenges we have when it comes to cutting emissions and making global net-zero a reality,” explained Ian Riley, CEO at WCA. “Technologies like CarbonBuilt’s Reversa process have a vital role to play in achieving this, so we are very pleased to be welcoming them today. I’m sure their insights and experiences will be immensely valuable to our members around the world.”

CarbonBuilt’s mission is to enable concrete manufacturing to drive large-scale greenhouse gas reductions through the low-cost utilization of CO₂ and other industrial emissions and direct air capture. The firm estimates that widespread adoption of CarbonBuilt’s technology can enable gigaton-scale CO₂ reductions and removals, by storing this carbon in concrete. 

“Global demand for low carbon concrete is growing as the result of new governmental mandates, demand from the private sector and through carbon removal and offset markets,’’ said Rahul Shendure, CEO of CarbonBuilt. “Concrete producers have a singular opportunity to benefit from our formulations that enable them to not only meeting this growing demand, but profit from it. We look forward to working with WCA’s members going forward as the industry looks to reduce its environmental impact.” 

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