Texas County, Cities to Retain Attorneys in Cement Plant Fight

Grayson County, Texas, commissioners and Sherman and Dorchester officials have hired attorneys in an attempt to stop a proposed cement plant from being built, reported the HeraldDemocrat.

Black Mountain LLC plans to build the plant on 600 acres of land off State Highway 289 in Dorchester – just a few short miles from the city’s new high school. The company has filed paper work with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and the land is currently under contract.

Grayson County hired Duncan Norton, a former general counsel for the TCEQ based in Austin, to fight the plant on grounds of air quality. Meanwhile, the cities of Sherman and Dorchester have hired an attorney from McKinney, Texas, and to fight on technical issues they have at their disposal. 

“This isn’t like a regular industrial plant that is making a product and sending out smoke. This is heavy-duty pollutants and we are going to be doing everything that we can to try to keep this from coming in,” said Sherman Mayor David Plyler.

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