Honeywell, UT Collaborate on Carbon Capture Technology

Honeywell announced a licensing agreement with the Texas Carbon Management Program Group at the University of Texas at Austin that will enable the lower-cost capture of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Honeywell will leverage UT Austin’s proprietary advanced solvent technology to create a new offering targeted at cement and other industrial plants to lower emissions generated from combustion flue gases in new or existing units. The solution provides these sectors with an additional tool to help meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals. 

UT Austin’s patented solution utilizes an advanced solvent, which enables carbon dioxide to be captured at a lower cost through greater efficiency using smaller equipment. In this process, carbon dioxide is absorbed into an amine solvent and then sent to a stripper where carbon dioxide is separated from the solvent. The carbon dioxide is then compressed for geological sequestration or used for other purposes. 

The licensing arrangement with UT Austin expands Honeywell’s leading carbon capture technology portfolio. Today, 15 million tpy of CO2 is being captured and used in storage/utilization applications through Honeywell’s CO2 Solutions process expertise. 

The company has committed to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations and facilities by 2035. 

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