Rabco Offers a Solution to Low Energy Prices

Many businesses find themselves wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and do the right thing for the environment. They just do not have the technology expertise and cannot make the numbers financially work.

At Rabco Energy Solutions Inc., the company provides a custom-designed system that makes financial sense, and is flexible and scalable enough to meet your current and future needs.

The Rabco Energy Solutions “Power of Waste Heat” program offers companies the unique opportunity to apply a Heat Recovery Energy System – and not spend a penny on new equipment. 

The “Power of Waste Heat” program transforms energy expenses from a cost center into a powerful cash infusion engine. The plan captures available margins from the consolidation of your local gas and electricity invoices and allocates the immediate energy savings to you. 

If your company qualifies, Rabco Energy Solutions will pay for your system and simply sell you back the energy at a reduced price than you are currently paying your local energy utility. Your company will never see an increase in energy expenses for the life of the agreement. At the end of the agreement your company will release the system or buy out the equipment and generate free energy for years to come.

The “Power of Waste Heat” program includes:

  • No additional expenses.
  • No capital expenses.
  • Own the system in a very quick time period.
  • Hedge against future energy rate increases.
  • Free energy.
  • Free advertising and public opinion.

Rabco Energy Solutions – “Power of Waste Heat” solution: www.heatispower.org/waste-heat-to-power

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