Ozinga Inflates Cement Facility at Port of Palm Beach

Ozinga inflated a one-of-a-kind cement storage facility on its location at the Port of Palm Beach in Florida. The process took approximately three hours to complete.

The structure’s custom appearance is the result of a cooperative effort between Ozinga, the Port of Palm Beach and the City of Riviera Beach and is designed to enhance the visual landscape of the area and complement the marine environment.

“The success of this innovative project is due to the great relationship that’s been built with the City of Riviera Beach and the Port of Palm Beach,” said Justin Ozinga, president of Ozinga. “We’re looking forward to having a positive impact on the community here for generations and are grateful for both parties’ involvement and ongoing support.”

The facility will receive and store international shipments of cement that will then be transported to other locations for use in the production of ready mixed concrete.

The facility is expected to be fully operational by next summer.

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