Industry Leaders Discuss Net Zero Targets at GCCA Event

The Global Cement and Concrete Association’s (GCCA) recent “CEO Gathering” in Atlanta brought together CEOs of leading cement and concrete companies, as well as policymakers and built environment leaders to progress the implementation of the industry’s Roadmap to Net Zero.

The two-day gathering, titled “Concrete Future: Net Zero Delivery – From Commitment to Action,” was the first face-to-face meeting of industry leaders in three years. The event included high-level discussions on how to address roadblocks, find shared solutions and collaborate with wider societal stakeholders to secure the sector’s net zero pathway.

“To achieve net zero and enable the delivery of the sustainable built environment of the future, there needs to be ongoing engagement and deeper collaboration between our industry and government in the years ahead. Targeted government policy will be vital to removing barriers and to expediting our industry’s decarbonization plans,” said Thomas Guillot, GCCA chief executive.

A survey conducted in advance of the gathering found that decarbonization ranked as the highest priority area among cement and concrete industry leaders. It also showed overwhelming confidence among leaders that their industry will continue to prosper as society transitions to a net-zero future.

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