Votorantim Cimentos Joins Silicon Valley Innovation Platform

Votorantim Cimentos North America (VCNA), parent company of St Marys Cement, is partnering with the Plug and Play Sustainability Platform to tap early-stage emerging technology incubating in Silicon Valley and around the world. 

The collaboration enables VCNA and its business units to identify and partner with startups driving developments in such areas as digitization; new materials and methods; plus, carbon reduction, capture, storage and utilization. Sustainability Platform participants cover a wide range of technologies representing almost every function within the construction site. 

“Working with Plug and Play provides us with access to a unique startup ecosystem with global reach that we can leverage as another strategic tool to enhance our innovation and sustainability efforts,” said Filiberto Ruiz, chief executive officer of Votorantim Cimentos North America. “We anticipate their combination of speed and extensive portfolio of potential partners will help accelerate our processes to generate value to our customers and technological improvements, as we provide more sustainable solutions for the construction industry.”

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