CemAI Launches AI Maintenance Solution

CemAI announced its entry into artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for cement plants with a predictive maintenance solution that combines a proprietary licensed software with a continuous monitoring and incident resolution service for cement manufacturing lines.

The solution complements the expertise of local plant maintenance teams by adding the dimension of predictive analytics, bringing cement plant maintenance into the digital age of AI. CemAI leverages machine learning technology that processes in real-time the operating data of entire cement plants, generating alerts that are analyzed by a team of experts with years of experience in cement operations, working in close collaboration with the plant’s teams, to resolve issues before they affect operations.

“Industry 4.0 connects the physical worker with technology. CemAI’s solution has already proven that the power of digital solutions, coupled with human expertise, can achieve world-class reliability in cement plants,” said Scott Ziegler, chief executive officer for CemAI. “Our artificial intelligence tools, and the deep cement manufacturing experience of our experts that have been using the tool to its maximum potential, change the dynamics of plant maintenance from preventive actions to predictive solutions.”

The CemAI system is currently installed at several cement plants in North America, Europe and Africa. “The savings in avoided shutdowns and equipment loss or expensive unplanned maintenance has been truly impressive in our experience,” said Cesar Constantino, vice president of marketing and sales for CemAI.

CemAI works through multiple remote monitoring centers with fully staffed maintenance experts that collect and analyze the data stream from plant sensors. The solution runs 24/7 with KPI tracking and reporting for continuous system improvements.

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