Holcim US Enhances Concrete Portfolio in Colorado, Minneapolis Markets

Holcim US has introduced DYNAMax high-performance concrete to its innovative concrete product portfolio in the Denver, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Twin Cities, Minn., markets.

Integrating high strength, durability and superior rigidity, DYNAMax addresses today’s engineering demands for design innovation, complex technical requirements, and environmental responsibility.

“The ever-increasing population demands more buildings and infrastructure, and in the United States especially, this needs to happen in metro areas where space is becoming scarcer,” said Chance Allen, general manager, ACM Mountain Region at Holcim US. “To meet these demands, we offer many solutions that support new design trends. Holcim innovated DYNAMax as a product that helps the construction industry build more with less.”

Holcim strategically chose to concentrate in Denver, Colorado Springs and the Twin Cities because this high-performance concrete offers the ideal fit for urban high-rise construction as well as other building types such as mid-rise buildings, bridges and public buildings. Moreover, DYNAMax’s unique properties translate into the ability to execute components and structures with less concrete and steel reinforcement, making the concrete a valuable resource-saving material.

“DYNAMax allows designers to bring more innovation to their plans and incorporate new dimensions,” said Randy Gaworski, general manager, ACM North Central Region. “As a total solution, it also supports more design freedom and space, optimal job-site performance, and conservation of resources, enabling lower project and construction costs.”

Because it utilizes the same working processes as conventional concrete, DYNAMax supports job-site optimization, especially when integrated with Holcim’s exclusive iCONCrete technology, which is designed to provide full control of concrete performance even in the most complex and technologically demanding projects. Recently, DYNAMax became a concrete of choice for a two-tower condo project in Denver being developed by Amacon.

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