Starlinger to Unveil Cement Bag of the Future

Starlinger plans to launch its new AD*STAR* block bottom valve sacks, which are made with 22% recycled content, at the K 2022 trade show. Not only are the bags tear and moisture-resistant, they are also a sustainable packaging alternative for the sector.

“With our packaging technology, we want to promote the growing focus on sustainability in the industrial sector and offer packaging manufacturers innovative and viable solutions,” explained Hermann Adrigan, sales manager at Starlinger. 

Starlinger’s new, patented gripTEC technology can increase the coefficient of friction on the bag surface to significantly reduce slipping of stacked bags. This lowers the risk of personal injury from bags slipping down, and saves tonnes of bulk material and packaging. What’s more, the CO2 generated during replacement production is eliminated – another contribution to sustainability.

Starlinger lines can produce and process woven fabric not only with recycled polypropylene (rPP), but also with recycled PET. 

“Our circular packaging concept paves the way for a closed packaging cycle in the industrial sector. Industrial packaging such as big bags made of woven polypropylene are equipped with a material passport that allows to trace their life cycle from production and use to return and recycling. This means that new big bags can be made from used big bags without quality loss, and the packaging cycle can be closed,” said Adrigan.

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