Argos Honduras Starts Hydrogen Injection Process at Piedras Azules

Argos Honduras successfully implemented an innovative furnace hydrogen injection process at its Piedras Azules cement plant. 

The main objective of the scalable technology is to reduce the use of fossil fuels, CO2 emission levels and energy consumption at the plant, which is in line with its commitment to fighting climate change and contributing to a more sustainable operation. 

During the process, the hydrogen-containing oxygen is separated from the water molecules using electricity, then, through separate channels, the hydrogen and oxygen are injected into the furnace through the main burner.

“We are proud to be committed to innovation and new technologies that allow us to keep our operation at the forefront of the industry. This project has allowed us to reduce our C02 emissions and optimize our processes to become increasingly efficient,” said Luis Eduardo Tovar, manager of Argos Honduras. 

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