Continental Cement Produces Lowest Carbon PLC 

As part of an innovative research project for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and National Road Research Alliance, Continental Cement Co., a subsidiary of Summit Materials, produced a 20% portland-limestone cement (PLC) – the lowest carbon PLC to date.

The project evaluates performance of low carbon cement and concrete products for utilization in future transportation infrastructure procurement and material selection as to reduce overall environmental impacts. It is taking place at MnDOT’s Materials & Road Research Lab.

“Continental Cement is continually innovating to produce a more sustainable portland-limestone cement than what is offered today while working with partners such as MnDOT to prove their performance and gain approval as viable options to those currently permitted into today’s cement and concrete standard specifications,” said David Loomes, Continental Cement President and Senior Vice President of Summit Materials. “Our participation in this research project is a great example of Summit’s commitment to become the most socially responsible construction materials company.”

An established industry leader in championing lower carbon solutions, Continental Cement has converted 100% of its annual production to PLC and its manufacturing facilities can readily transition to produce PLC IL(20) cement.

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