BinMaster Offers Cloud Inventory for Bulk Materials

BinCloud, a turnkey system hosted by BinMaster, allows users to access inventory data stored in the cloud from a phone, tablet or PC via the internet. It decreases dependency on local IT resources and eliminates the need for storing data and managing servers, according to the company.

BinCloud features include real-time monitoring using continuous level sensors, automated alerts via text or email, and historical reporting.

  • Mobile-friendly QuickViews. Optimized data displays for small screens are easily customized to show just the data users need. Plant personnel, drivers and dispatchers view the same inventory data wherever they are working.
  • Truck space capacity. Purchasers, drivers and dispatchers can view how many truckloads will fit into a vessel or the number of truckloads available to take out. Improve purchasing, scheduling and reduce overfilling.
  • Multisite inventory. View inventory of a single material across all sites. It is quick and easy to cycle through your sites or select all sites to see them all at once.
  • Automated alerts. Get text or email alerts for high and low levels. Get notified if a sensor has skipped readings, a gateway is inactive, or status has changed for a vessel or group of vessels.

BinCloud is compatible with BinMaster’s non-contact radar, SmartBob, 3DLevelScanners, guided wave radar, ultrasonic or laser level sensors with a 4-20 mA, Modbus or HART output. It is suitable for any processing operation including concrete and cement batch plants.


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