Cementos Argos Awarded for Gender Equality 

Cementos Argos, a Grupo Argos cement company, received the Equipares Gold Seal Recertification for its efforts on promoting gender equality and diversity as a fundamental element of its organizational culture.

“We are happy to achieve the Equipares Gold Seal Recertification, an achievement that materializes our purpose of making possible the construction of a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive society, and that invites us to continue teaming up to create workspaces free of bias, where diversity and equal opportunities for all people stand out,” said Tomás Restrepo, vice president of people and transformation at Cementos Argos.

The Gold Seal is awarded to companies that, after receiving the Silver Seal, continued with their commitment to closing gaps, as recognition of the effort to continuously improve and to promote real and measurable changes. 

In 2022, Cementos Argos achieved a percentage of more than 90% in the implementation of the Equipares certification program. Equipares is by the Ministry of Labor, the Presidential Council for Equality of Women and with technical support from the United Nations Development Program. 

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