BossTek Launches Compact Air Cannon

BossTek introduced a new model that suppresses indoor particulate emissions for industries such as raw material handling. The compact DustBos DB-10 is the latest addition to BossTek’s line of atomized mist cannons. 

Engineered for enclosed working environments, the easily maneuverable unit provides excellent suppression in a compact, portable design. The outcome is effective airborne particle control with fewer emissions, less standing water and a safer, more compliant workplace.

“Our customers are well-acquainted with our technology, but before the DB-10, the smallest machine could nearly cover a football field, which is far too powerful for most indoor applications,” said Mike Lewis, dust control specialist at BossTek. 

The compact mist cannon is mounted on two wheels with a tall handle. Similar in size to a child stroller, it is light and easy to maneuver, while still offering industrial-level dust control. A ¾-hp fan delivers 3,335 CFM of airflow, powered by a 120-volt current. 

Mounted on the front of the cannon is a circular manifold with 12 atomizing nozzles that fracture pressurized water into a fine mist that can reach up to 30 ft. Using the 0- to 50-degree vertical adjustment, the mist can reach into the rafters of warehouses or be directed at specific emission zones. It is offered with a standard wheeled carriage but can be specified with alternate mounting as needed.


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