Mitsubishi Cement’s Planned San Diego Project Abandoned

A deal between the Port of San Diego and Mitsubishi Cement Corp. for a proposed bulk storage and loading facility at the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal has fallen through, reported The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Last year, the producer renewed a nearly decade-long push to modernize a berth at the port, which was put on hold in late 2020 after community advocates raised environmental concerns.

The port signaled a desire to address air pollution and other concerns by requiring Mitsubishi to use electric or other zero-emission trucks. However, a proposal that included the use of electric trucks never materialized, and now the company appears to have abandoned its longstanding campaign.

Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos said he understands why Mitsubishi struggled with the idea of an electric trucks mandate, especially given that the company’s customers use their own trucks and the technology carries a sizable startup cost. 

The project would have fortified cement supply in San Diego County for roads, housing, school improvements and bayfront developments, according to Mitsubishi Cement.

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