Here Comes the 2023 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference 

• The Conference will take place at the Dallas-Hilton Anatole, April 23-27.

• To register, go to

The 2023 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference will feature 750 attendees, 400 companies, 15 training modules and 30 sponsors.

Brian Shul will be the keynote speaker. He is a Vietnam-era attack pilot and retired major in the United States Air Force. Shul completed a 20-year career in the Air Force including flying the SR-71 Blackbird, which holds the record as the world’s fastest stealth aircraft.

His phenomenal comeback story from laying near dead in a jungle in Southeast Asia, to later flying the world’s fastest, highest flying jet, has been the subject of numerous magazine articles and an inspiration to many. Shul’s story is unique, and he has been asked to speak at numerous functions nationwide on his varied experiences.

2023 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference Exhibitors

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