Plibrico Introduces Field Enabling QR Codes

To arm customers with immediate access to information that can answer their urgent questions, the Plibrico Company launched a QR code platform that will now be prominently featured on its refractory packaging. 

The Field Enabling QR Codes allow customers to dive deeper into valuable product details by providing information that extends well beyond what might be printed on the refractory packaging or labels. When scanned with a smartphone, the QR codes quickly provide a direct link between the user and a complete library of technical information ensuring repair and installation success.

In addition, customers that inventory their refractories for future installations, repair work and precast-shapes manufacturing can quickly retrieve needed refractory information without cumbersome data searches. Field Enabling QR Codes can also easily aid warehouse and safety managers in SDS verification during safety audits.

“It’s all about enabling customers to do the best job possible whenever and wherever. Plibrico doesn’t hide its information behind a firewall, or force you to download and sign into an app. You’re a customer that has purchased a Plibrico product, and therefore Plibrico wants to be right beside you during that refractory repair or installation,” said Brad Taylor, president and CEO of the Plibrico Company. “So, why wouldn’t a refractory manufacturer provide you with the information you need to be successful? Field Enabling QR Codes do just that. The QR codes enable customers to save time and money. They help customers create optimal refractory linings through unlimited access to the information they need when they need it. The concept is simple. The right information, at the right time, delivered to the right person, to make the right decision.”

Taylor continued, “As a refractory manufacturer we need to educate all customers on proper mixing, repairing, installation and bake-out procedures. Not an easy task when you consider the industry challenge of finding experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled laborers along with the large and diverse footprint of the refractory population. And next to having in-person training, immediate and unlimited access to information is the best instructional medium by far for the jobsite environment. Not only for the success of the refractory project, but for the safety of jobsite employees.”

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