Lafarge Canada, Forêt-Boucher Extend Partnership

Lafarge Canada extended its collaboration with Quebec-based Forêt-Boucher Foundation, an environmental conservation organization, for the next five years. The company plans to donate $15,000, comprised of $13,400 in cash and $1,600 worth of products, annually to the organization.

In 2021, Lafarge established a meaningful relationship with Forêt-Boucher with the aim to enrich and safeguard the region’s remarkable biodiversity, while concurrently fostering community engagement within the construction industry.

As the collaboration continues, Lafarge and Forêt-Boucher plan to continue their joint efforts to implement a wide range of initiatives that actively promote environmental stewardship and conservation. Notably, using the Biodiversity Indicator Reporting System (BIRS) methodology to conduct a comparative analysis between the Boucher Forest and Lafarge’s neighboring buffer lands to significantly enhance comprehension of the ecological landscape and serve as a valuable tool for informing and shaping sustainable practices.

Lafarge Canada’s partnership with Forêt-Boucher reaffirms its dedication to sustainable practices and community engagement. By actively supporting initiatives that promote biodiversity and conservation, Lafarge Canada sets a commendable example for the construction industry to prioritize environmental sustainability.

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