Buzzi Cement Plant Endures Blaze

A fire broke out on July 13 at the Buzzi Unicem Stockertown, Pa., cement plant, damaging a building’s siding and some electrical equipment, reported

Plant personnel immediately notified emergency services after noticing smoke from a building with alternative fuel materials such as wood chips and shredded tires, said Jennifer Morgan, coordinator of training, development and communications for Buzzi Unicem USA.

Staff at the plant are in contact with the local fire investigator and the Mine Safety and Health Administration. 

There were no injuries to plant personnel, and an evaluation is ongoing as to the exact extent of the damages.

“I want to thank all the emergency responders for their quick response and professionalism in getting the fire under control swiftly,” Stockertown Plant Manager Rad Slavov said in a statement.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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