Fortera Appoints Farsad as CSO 

Cement decarbonization pioneer Fortera recently named Kas Farsad its chief strategy officer. He was the lead inventor of the company’s novel cement chemistry over a decade ago while working as a technical contributor.

In his new role, Farsad will lead a multidisciplinary team focused on forging commercial partnerships with cement and building industry leaders, overseeing Fortera’s policy and legislative efforts, as well as maximizing the company’s carbon impact strategy.

“In our acceleration to commercial-scale low carbon cement production, Kas has been instrumental in aligning industry pain points with science-based solutions,” said Ryan Gilliam, co-founder and CEO of Fortera. “To drive adoption of a new technology, we had to be just as creative on the business side as we were with research and development. Kas blends his science and business acumen with a relentless focus on commercializing a scalable technology founded on strong business fundamentals.”

Farsad has an extensive technical background with almost 50 patents globally. He is a serial inventor and entrepreneur operating across multiple industrial verticals including cement. On the business side, he has negotiated 100-plus transactions, closed more than $200 million in debt instruments, and has built multiple companies from the ground up.

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