Solidia Partners With Carbon Credit Provider

Solidia Technologies recently entered an agreement with 3Degrees, a global climate solutions provider, to manage the measurement, verification and sale of the greenhouse gas emission benefits generated from Solidia’s technology. The resulting credits, which include carbon removal, will be purchased by organizations to reduce their scope 3 emissions from cement and concrete or to compensate for other greenhouse gas emissions.

“By partnering with 3Degrees to issue carbon credits, Solidia is providing a mechanism for the marketplace to invest in technologies that will accelerate and enable global carbon emissions reduction,” said CEO Russell Hill, Ph.D. “In addition, selling carbon credits will help Solidia accelerate product development, which will further enhance the value proposition for the future partners and manufacturers that will leverage those technologies.”

The investment organizations make in carbon credits, either as part of a sustainability strategy or to offset mandated emissions caps, will allow Solidia to subsidize and reinvest in its decarbonization technologies, thereby generating value and strengthening the technologies’ current and future viability. 

“We’re working to incorporate the carbon benefits of Solidia’s cement, SCM, and concrete production activities into an environmental commodity to rapidly scale their deployment in pursuit of global net-zero emissions,” said Peter Weisberg, director of development for 3Degrees. “This collaboration facilitates the verification of quantifiable and durable CO2 removal. In its role as Solidia’s partner in the carbon market, 3Degrees will manage protocol development, carbon project design, verification, and credit sales to maximize the value of Solidia’s carbon benefits.” 

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